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Getting the drainage right is a critical part of excavation for any construction project in the Clarksville area. Whether it’s a new home or a commercial space, improper draining can ruin the foundation and home. Tactical Excavating goes beyond installing drains, ensuring all contributing factors aid in proper water management.

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"Absolutely fantastic contractor. He did an amazing job on my deck. He was always on time and very professional and nice. I was bbn out of town for part of the project and he sent me pictures and made sure I knew the progress. I will definitely use Cam for future projects!"

Shannon C.

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Clarksville Drainage & Excavation Services

Professional Drain Services

It doesn’t take much skill to simply install a drain. However, without the proper plan and site prep, those drains may not matter.

At Tactical Excavating, we use a comprehensive approach to ensure your drains protect your property. We start with the thorough plans, ensure the site is properly prepped, then look for the best drain options for your project.

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Why Choose Tactical Excavating?

It Starts With Plans

As is the case with every construction project, drainage starts with the plans for the site. Specifically, these plans need to include a topographical design of how the site should flow.

Sure, you want the ground to slope away from the building. However, let’s not forget about sidewalks, parking, or even nearby roads. How does the land slope, and where does it take the water?

These are important considerations to ensure that you don’t have unintentional flooding during storms or ice ponds during the Clarksville winters.


You Must Be Graded Properly

Once you have the plan for how your property should drain, you need to prepare and grade the site. The excavation starts with removing the debris that will affect the ability to properly compact the soil. This may be brush, trees, shrubs, and even large rocks.

Once the debris is removed, we remove the topsoil, which is the first 5 to 10 inches of soil. The topsoil contains a high volume of organic material, which shifts and moves. When considering draining, this is the soil that may erode quickly, changing the site’s grade if it wasn’t altered further down.

Once we’ve removed the topsoil, we can now proceed with grading the site. When grading the site, there’s a balance between not enough slope, and too much. Both can undermine your structure’s integrity over the life of the building.


Choosing the Best Drain Option

To finish an excavation project properly, you’ll need the proper drainage system. Drainage is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor, but must be tailored to the soil and land type. Tactical Excavating evaluates the individual needs for your excavation project and recommends the kind of drain that’s best suited to keep your land draining. Some types of drains you may encounter include:

  • Downspouts: You’ve seen these attached to just about every building. They direct the water from the building’s roof, away from the foundation, either to the ground or a drain.
  • French Drains: These are a popular drain type that’s filled with gravel and a perforated pipe to direct water where you want it. These are very helpful in low grade areas to prevent puddling.
  • Yard Drains: Also called landscape drains, these are used to help direct groundwater in a yard toward a storm drain or other collection area.
  • Channel Drains: Channels drains are typically found along the edge of where landscape meets concrete or pavement. These help prevent water buildup at these transition points, commonly around patios, driveways, decks, walkways, parking lots and more.
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