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Any successful construction project around Clarksville starts with preparing the site for the build. While it would be nice to just go in and start laying foundation, it really starts with making sure the ground is ready for a new structure. Tactical Excavating employs the best technology and expertly skilled professionals to ensure your site is prepared safely and to the right specs.

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"Great experience working with Cam! Always delivered on what he said he was going to do and did it well. Traveled over an hour every morning and was always on time. An added bonus is he sings while he works. We will hire him again!"


"Absolutely fantastic contractor. He did an amazing job on my deck. He was always on time and very professional and nice. I was bbn out of town for part of the project and he sent me pictures and made sure I knew the progress. I will definitely use Cam for future projects!"

Shannon C.

"They assisted my grandmother with building
a deck and did a phenomenal job! Extremely professional and completed the job in a timely manner. Would highly recommend them!"

Whitney Y.

"You can count on Cam to get the project done right. He his talented, professional, and takes pride in his work."

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Professional Site Prep

Site prep is so much more than digging a hole to lay foundation, and is easily compromised when not fully completed. There’s a litany of work to be done before backing in the digging equipment.

Tactical Excavating takes a systematic approach to preparing any site. It starts with removing debris and topsoil. Before construction gets under way, we’ll also grade the site to meet the specs of the project.

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Why Choose Tactical Excavating?

Removing Debris:

The first step is moving debris from the construction site, which is a combination of manual and mechanical labor. It starts with removing the undergrowth of vegetation on the site, which poses a hazard to removing large vegetation like trees and shrubs.

Next, that large vegetation is cut down, leaving large enough stumps to be mechanically removed. It’s important to get all the roots from your vegetation removed, as this can lead to cracking in cement foundation and buildings as it decays.

As the vegetation is removed, we also look for large rocks around the worksite. These don’t compact well, and can make grading more difficult. Depending on the size of the rock, it may require some filling with clay or a similarly dense soil to allow for effective grading.

Getting Past Top Soil:

Once the vegetation is removed, it’s time to deal with topsoil. This is the top 5-10 inches of soil, which contain a high volume of organic matter. This causes the ground to be unstable, with excessive settling after construction is completed.

For this reason, the site needs to have it removed before digging and construction commences. In some instances, the soil may be transferred to another part of the site where it’s needed. If it’s not needed immediately, it may be stored elsewhere on the site to be replaced after construction for landscaping. When it’s not needed on-site, it’ll be hauled away for use elsewhere.

Site Grading:

Once all the debris and topsoil are removed, the next step is grading the construction site. Grading encompasses several important factors. First, it keeps the landscape smooth and even, which is essential for your property’s aesthetics. Beyond that, it also helps with drainage, which protects your property.

Without the right grading before construction begins, any rain received around Clarksville during construction could run toward your project. This may affect your foundation, and lead to indoor flooding.

The specs of the project will dictate the slope at of the grade to ensure proper drainage. Too much slope around your site can be just as problematic as not enough. It could lead to undermining the ground around the structure with too much erosion. Expert contractors who specialize in construction site prep, like Tactical Excavating, have the training, skills and tools to get exactly the right grade for your project.

The Right Tools:

Beyond knowing the right steps to take, having the right tools available helps the site prep process run more smoothly. Depending on the particulars of your site, a team may need a multipurpose skid steer, dump trucks, an excavator, a bucket loader, or a digger. As they say, the right tool for the job keeps everyone safe and the project on schedule.

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