Underground Utility Services

Any construction project must consider underground utilities as part of the approach to your work. Whether you’re erecting a new building in Clarksville, or upgrading an existing structure, you’ll have to work with underground utilities.

As part of the process, you’ll have to bury them, which means you’ll need expert excavation. Tactical Excavating brings the right equipment and expertise needed to ensure your utility excavating needs are handled correctly the first time.

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Clarksville underground utility service

Clarksville Underground Utilities

When it comes to excavating for underground utilities, the work must be precise to meet the needs of the particular utility. The placement must be exact, and the slope must be accurate. Any deviation from the plan means your client will experience utility disruptions, property damage, and possibly personal injury.

The depth and slope are important for connecting to the existing primary utility lines. If the lines don’t match up exactly, they’ll fail to connect properly, leading to leaks or failed service.

Further, if you need excavating near an existing building, inaccurate handling can damage the building’s footers. This damage can lead to structural problems, requiring significant repairs to the footers and foundation.

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Why Choose Tactical Excavating?

Starts With Site Marks

Just like you should do before any digging project, the existing underground utilities need to be marked. Even if they aren’t the utilities being connected, the excavating crew must know where all existing utility lines lie to prevent accidental damage.

Once you begin digging, hitting an existing utility line can be costly for your project. First, it can cause the entire project to come to a grinding halt because of safety, depending on the utility that was damaged. Further, that damaged utility has a cost to repair, which drives up the total project cost.

Even if you’re boring rather than digging a trench, you have to consider existing lines to prevent damage. In fact, boring can more easily lead to damage for inexperienced operators, being the crew won’t have their eyes on what’s under the ground. To keep everyone safe and the project on budget and schedule, Tactical Excavating always starts with proper site marks.

Utility Excavation Services

Utility excavation includes more than trenching and boring for water and gas lines. Rather, Tactical Excavating offers extensive experience in a variety of utility excavation projects, including:

  • Manhole installation
  • Water mains
  • Forced mains
  • Sanitary sewer lines
  • Water services
  • Storm drains
  • Above and below ground retention systems
Excavation Speed and Reliability

When it comes to having your underground utility excavation work completed, you want to know it’ll be completed on schedule and within budget. The Tactical Excavating team brings years of experience to the table along with the right equipment to get the job done properly.

This means our team knows the right process to avoid costly accidents. Our experience provides precise excavation for your project’s specifications to meet local building codes. What you get is reliable excavating, and cautious speed that only experience affords.

Make sure your Clarksville project’s underground utilities don’t end up costing you due to inexperience and ineffective project processes. Call to schedule your on-site consultations and estimate with the excavation experts at Tactical Excavating today.

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