Spring is an amazing time around Clarksville, with the skies clearing up, the grass is starting to turn green, and trees are budding. It is also a great time to start thinking about your deck and getting it ready for the spring. Follow these six ideas to make sure you are ready to make the most of this summer with your deck.


Deck Ideas: Clean It Up

The very first thing you want to do is clean up your deck from the winter. Start by sweeping off all the dirt and debris. You can easily use a broom, but that may leave some small dirt around your deck. To get past this, try using a high-powered leaf blower. You will have better luck doing this when it is less windy outside and things have tried out.

Once you get all the loose debris off the deck, the next step is to give it a good wash. The easiest way to do this is with a power washer. Just be sure you know how much pressure your deck can handle. Too high of pressure risks damaging your deck, whether it is solid wood or composite decking.


Consider Renovations

As you work on cleaning up your deck, consider what kind of renovations might help improve your experience and increase your home’s value. Completing renovations now allows you to incorporate them into any repairs, and ensures your new paint, stain, or seal is seamless.

Decks and associated improvements have an estimated return of about 80% when it comes time to sell. So dream big, and find the things you will enjoy, and remember you are investing in the value of your home too. Just be sure to work with a professional deck builder to ensure it flows properly with your existing deck.

Some common deck renovations include:

  • Pergola or covered roof
  • Vine trellis
  • Privacy wall
  • Screened section

Look for Deck Repairs

Inspect your entire deck to look for damage to the deck and the railing. The most obvious damage will be to the decking. Be sure to test out the railing around the deck as well. In both of these areas you are looking for visible signs of damage, and look at the boards and the structure. Something loose could spell trouble over the summer and be a possible safety concern.

Once you are done inspecting the top side of your deck, be sure you check the structure underneath it. Here you want to look for any signs the supporting structure is decaying or damaged. This may include rotted pillars, cracked supports, and more. If you do find structural damage, consult a professional deck builder in Clarksville to ensure the repairs are made properly to avoid further damage.


Paint, Stain, and Seal

Part of regular maintenance should include painting or staining your deck, and using a sealer. If you have a wood deck, you will probably need to reseal it anywhere from every year to every three years. This ensures it properly repels water and keeps it from rotting.

Depending on the amount of sunlight you get, how much foot traffic you have across your deck, and the kind of paint, stain, and sealer you use, plan to do this every time you seal your deck. Between the seal and the paint or stain, it works out to be every two to three years.

If you have a composite deck, keep in mind you do not need to seal this kind of material. However, look at the information provided with your deck whether it can be painted or stained. This can be a great way to give your deck a new or refreshed look.


Think About Some Color

Think about how you can add some new color this year to breathe some new life into your deck. Consider adding some planters with some fresh flowers or colorful vegetables. Think about that green fine to crawl up the trellis you built and the other colors they can bring out.


Don’t Forget The Furniture

Be sure you take some time to clean up your deck furniture as well. A power washer may cause damage to many of these pieces, but some water and a gentle soap should be safe to get them all clean.

A really easy way to add a splash of color is by replacing your furniture cushions and decorative pillows. You can also easily add a new umbrella with a fresh color to adorn your deck. Finally, consider repainting your furniture to keep it looking fresh and vibrant.

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