Exterior Front Door in ClarksvilleYour exterior front door is an important part of what you see when you arrive home. It is also an important component of the curb appeal of your home when you decide to sell. According to the Journal of Real Estate Finances and Economics, homes with a higher curb appeal sell between 7% and 14% more than those with lower curb appeal.

The options are plentiful, from refinishing to installing a new exterior front door. Here are five ways to improve the curb appeal of your front door in Clarksville so you are ready to sell when it is time.


1. Fresh Paint for Your Exterior Front Door

One of the easiest ways of sprucing up your front door is to apply a new coat of paint or refresh the color. Consider the color you have and decide whether it is still current with the feel of your home, and consider changing it.

When you do paint your front door, be sure you use a paint that is designed for your type of door. Different paints adhere differently to fiberglass, wood, and steel, so be sure you have the right one. Also, use a gloss or semi gloss finish for a more durable coating.

Finally, be sure to apply a primer if you are changing the color of your door. This reduces the coats of actual paint you will need to ensure you have a solid coat the old paint will not bleed through. Primer also helps to seal and protect the door if you have a solid wood door, minimizing the risk of cracking or rotting.


2. Improve Security

Security is one of the first goals of your front door, ensuring those who should not be in are being kept out. Steel construction is the best you can get for your front door, and match a more modern feeling home. A Steel exterior front door will also have a foam core to help improve insulation, so they are energy efficient as well.


3. Install a New Look with Glass

Glass is always a beautiful looking option for exterior front doors and has been used for decades. However, consider adding a glass side panel as well. This gives your home a more open and welcoming feeling, allowing prospective buyers to see in as they approach. The extra glass also allows more light into your entryway and reduces the cost if you are adding a new front door to replace an old double door.


4. Embrace the Pivot

Most of us are used to doors that swing on a hinge attached to the edge of the door. However, a more modern approach is the pivot that occurs a few inches in from the edge of the door. As the door opens, the edge swings out while the rest of the door swings in. This is a great option if a traditional door jam is not possible or if you are installing an unusually heavy front door.


5. Combine Wood and Glass

Finally, consider using a combination of wood and glass for your new front door and side panel in Clarksville. There are many options available for the style, but gives a more unique feel for your entry. It provides a little more privacy from passersby than glass alone. However, it also allows more light into your entryway than a solid door and wall.

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