Clarksville Home Office SunroomOne thing 2020 has shown the working professional is the need to be able to work from home in a home office. Virtual work has been growing over the last 20 years as technology has advanced. However, the current public health crisis led many people who would not normally work from home to find a way.

When the influx first started, people were holding out that things would return to normal quickly. What many people have come to realize is the need to plan to engage in this kind of work more regularly. That means setting up at the kitchen table or the spare bedroom is not likely going to work.

You may have already been considering adding a sunroom as a beautiful place to relax. However, this “someday dream” may actually help meet this need. Continue on to learn why this might be a perfect way to meet the home office need.


Distance From Home Office Distractions

One of the biggest concerns about working from home is the distractions that arise. You may have kids home for virtual school or the dishes from last night. On the other hand, you may just find your home entirely relaxing. Whatever the distraction, it can affect your work.

To work from home effectively for the long term, you need to be able to shut out the distractions. That means making a space dedicated to that work, where you and everyone else know you go to be productive. You want to be sure this space has a door to be able to shut out the rest of the house.


Lights, Cameras….

One of the modern iterations of working from home includes the dreaded conference call or video conference. It is easy to set these up so you can meet face to face with people, even if virtually.

What this means is that you need to consider your lighting and background to ensure you can be properly seen. Too much light in your background will wash out your face. On the other hand, too much above you and you will have a dark shadow over your face.

Sunrooms provide for ample natural light, even when it is overcast outside. Be sure to add blinds to your windows to help control the flow of light throughout the day.


Think About Productivity

When it comes to a home office, one key consideration is productivity, or your ability to do your job effectively. From this perspective, you want to consider what you bring into your office and where you will place it.

One of the first considerations is some form of a desk. But do you need a simple computer desk or something more substantial with a larger work surface? Do you need additional work surfaces to leave projects while you move through them?

In addition to that, you need to consider the amenities many people enjoy at home and consider whether it is appropriate for your workspace. Think about your chair, for instance, Many people enjoy a larger comfortable office chair at home. But will that inhibit your work production?

Next, think about other amenities, like a mini-fridge or wine cooler. While these are great in concept, will they distract while you are putting in eight to twelve hour days in your home office?

Finally, consider the other furniture you bring into your office, such as other chairs, couches, or a television. Depending on your type of business, these furnishings could provide help as you meet with clients and colleagues. However, they can likewise provide distractions that keep you from achieving your goals. So exercise caution as you set up your office.


Wired for Success

As you think about setting up your sunroom as an office, one of the key considerations should be your wiring. One of the beauties of these rooms is the ease with which to add electrical wherever you need it.

Before building your office, you want to consider where you will place your desk and other appliances. This will help you avoid running extension cords that can be both unsightly and dangerous.

As we mentioned above, consider your lighting as you plan your electrical. You want to ensure your lighting will provide for both your work and video conferences.


Dressed Up To Dress Down

One of the beauties of working from home is the ability to work more comfortably. The joke of video conferences is that people may look dressed up from their chest up, but waist down the are in their pajamas.

Unfortunately, your office needs to show more professionalism than relaxation. Be sure that the angles from which you will record provide a clean and clutter-free backdrop. The windows of your office can provide an incredible backdrop for these conferences. Just use caution that you do not wash out your face with an overabundance of light behind you.

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