Outdoor Living Space for Your Clarksville HomeYou have looked at many options for adding comfort to your home and increasing its value. Sure, you could add a room like a sunroom, but those just do not seem to be the right option. So now you are looking at other options that will increase your comfort as well as provide a return. Homeowners in Clarksville are adding alternative outdoor living space and are seeing an incredible return.

Keep reading for more on how to create an enjoyable outdoor living space that will also add value.


Options for Permanent an Outdoor Living Space

Homeowners are faced with the choice of building something permanent, semi-permanent, or temporary. Of these choices, the ones that bring the most value are the permanent spaces.

Of the permanent options, the most common are patios and decks. Everything else is just a variation off of one of those two options.

Patios can be designed from bricks or other cast concrete products. They can also be made from poured concrete. Some people also build patios out of wood, so there are plenty of options from which to choose.

The other popular option is to build a deck. Some are elevated several feet above the ground while others are just on top of it. Likewise, most people think of decks that are attached to the house, but they do not have to be. Some of the most beautiful decks are in the yard are separate from the living structure.


General Return on Outdoor Living Spaces

The return on projects like finished basements and sunrooms are well known and used by many contractors to sell the project. However, what is the actual return on alternative spaces?

According to some industry estimates, adding a patio can have a return as high as 100%. So if you spend $6,000 on the project, you add that to the sale value of your home. If you already have a patio you may want to consider repairing or refinishing it. That kind of effort can have as high as a 500% return.

Decks still provide an incredible return, though not as high as a patio. Generally, a wood deck will have about an 80% return on the investment. Keep in mind that wood is a higher maintenance material as well, so it will require additional upkeep to ensure it looks great when it is time to sell.


Other Easy Projects to Add Value

Once you determine whether you want a patio or deck, you want to think about the extra things you can do to add more value.

One very common option is a permanent firepit. This is typically built with along with a patio, and of the same material. You can add this after you have built your patio, but it will flow more consistently if they are installed at the same time.

Other common options are pergolas and gazebos. A pergola is a small airy structure, usually made of wood, that adds some definition to your outdoor living space. These usually do not have walls enclosing the area. A gazebo is another great option, but a little more substantial. You can install a sturdy gazebo with shingles and have a place to enjoy throughout the year if you are willing to brave the cold in Clarksville.

Finally, consider the smaller options that add life and character to your space. Permanently installed chairs and benches ensure there is a place to sit for all of your activities. The same goes for permanently installed tables. These both are more substantial than the seasonal ones you would normally find in use and certainly increase the desirability of your home.

Finally, are amenities like planters. You can do nearly an entire garden with the right planters. These also add to the enjoyment of your space.


Think About the Water

Have you considered adding water to your outdoor space? This does not necessarily mean putting in a pool or a hot tub. Rather, adding a babbling brook or a fountain can do a lot for the relaxation of your space.

You can always buy a prefabricated fountain and set it up. However, if you want to really add to the value of your home and the curb appeal, you want something permanently installed. These will hold their value over time, requiring little maintenance outside of the pump.


Do Not Forget About the Law

When you do build your outdoor space, be sure to consult the Clarksville ordinances. Some things will require you to pull a building permit. Be sure to work with your contractor to determine what will need permits and inspections. Then discuss who is going to pull those permits. You want to avoid getting halfway through the project to get shut down due to not having the right permits.

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