Front Door Replacement in ClarksvilleYour front door plays an important role in your home, and you are beginning to think you might need to replace it. Aside from security, your door affects the aesthetic appeal of your home in Clarksville and influences your HVAC system’s efficiency.

With so much relying on your door, how do you know when it is time to replace it? Here are some things to consider.


Signs You May Need a New Front Door

The first thing most people will notice about their door are the dings, dents, and general wear that build up over time. If you have a solid wood door, you may also notice cracking. Most of this is cosmetic, but will certainly affect the resale value of your home.

Do you notice the door is letting in drafts during the cold weather in Clarksville? This can be a major source of energy loss when trying to heat your home. You may also notice cracks along the bottom or sides of the door. All of this weakens the door’s effectiveness on nearly off its roles.

You may also notice the door becoming more difficult to shut and lock over time. This indicates a problem with the door being properly balanced and aligned. If this becomes the case, you may need to look at not only replacing the door but also the door frame.

You should also consider the cost of the repairs versus the cost of a new door. This is why replacing the entire door frame and door may be a better option than trying to adjust and existing frame, in some circumstances.

When it is time to consider a new door, there are a couple of options in construction material. The material will affect both the function of the door, but also the maintenance and initial cost.


Traditional Wood Doors

Most people think of big wood doors when they think of a front door, and with good reason. These generally have a heavy wood feel to them and are good and keeping the outside weather out. They are also able to be customized in a wide variety of ways, with intricate carving if you desire that look.

The downside to wood is that they are more work to maintain. First, you will need to polish the door periodically to keep it looking its best. There is also additional sensitivity to moisture. If your door is not properly sealed then it can crack easily when the humidity drops during the winter. On the other hand, it may develop mold during the humid warmer months.

Wood doors are also generally more expensive than their fiberglass alternatives. This makes them a little less attractive for people on a tight budget for their maintenance


Fiberglass and Steel Doors

As indicated previously, fiberglass is a less expensive option than traditional wood doors. If you have ever seen on, you know they are very durable, just like wood, but require much less maintenance. They are also resistant to mold, rust, dents, and cracks.

You also have the option for a steel door. These may not be as aesthetically pleasing, but if security is your primary concern, they are the best you can find. Most steel doors also have a foam core to help reduce heat transfer, making them very energy efficient.


DIY or Hire a Professional

Once you decide what kind of front door to install, it is time to determine if you will attempt it on your own. The first challenge in this project is first removing the old door without causing additional damage to the door frame and surrounding wall.

Once you have the door out, then it becomes a challenge of ensuring the door is level once hung. You also need to ensure that the door jam is secured properly so that it stays properly in place once you are done. The security of a door is only as good as the care with which it was installed.

Even if you are pretty handy around the house, you may consider calling in a professional. This ensures you reach optimum energy efficiency, security, and do not damage the investment you just made in your home.

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