Choosing Roofing Contractor in ClarksvilleWhen you need a new roof or roof repair, you want to ensure you are getting work that will last. You have likely heard stories from friends, neighbors, family, or many others about stories of bad experiences with a roofer. You can avoid those experiences by tending to these five common mistakes people make when choosing a roofing contractor in Clarksville.


#1: Looking at Roofing Contractor Price Alone

Price is an important consideration when needing to do some roofing work. However, one of the biggest mistakes people make is making this the most important consideration. There are a lot of contractors who will promise an incredible price, but at what cost?

There are a lot of ways a roofing contractor can cut costs on a project. However, those cuts also have consequences. When you consider an estimate, consider why one estimate may be less than another. By all means, do not go with the most expensive contract either. Rather, be sure that cost is only one thing you consider before signing an agreement.


#2: Failing to Read the Details

Another very common mistake is not taking the time to read the details of an estimate or agreement. This is where a roofer can cut the cost of a project, but leave you with surprises.

For instance, one way some contractors cut the cost is by leaving off refuse cleanup. That means you have to order a dumpster and then clean up after the project.

Another very common cost-cutting measure is to leave off securing a building permit if needed. That means you will need to visit the Clarksville city offices to apply for your permit and arrange for an inspector. Avoid these headaches by reading through the details of your agreement.


#3: Using the Handshake Agreement

People used to be able to shake on a deal, and all would be good. However, that day has long passed and everything needs to be in writing. Be sure your agreement has any warranties, financing, and other promises made specifically spelled out.

If you look through your agreement and do not see something you discussed with the contractor, ask about it. Use caution if your contractor resists putting something they offered in the agreement. This is a sign that they do not intend on fulfilling that promise.


#4: Working with an Unauthorized Installer

Shingle manufacturers typically offer a warranty on their products. The only catch is that they require an authorized installer to perform the work.

When you look at contractors, be sure to inquire about whether they are an authorized installer for the shingles they offer. This may not seem like a big deal until there is an issue with the shingles. If there is, you may be left paying out of pocket for the repairs. There is really no sense in paying twice for a job by simply doing a little due diligence.


#5: Being In Too Big of a Hurry

When you need roof repairs, time is certainly of the essence. However, that is often when mistakes are made simply because you need the repair quickly. Before signing an agreement, there are a few steps you should be sure you have a good experience:

  • Start with referrals
  • Get 2-3 estimates
  • Compare the details
  • Check references or online reviews

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