Sun Rooms & Screened Rooms in ClarksvilleHomeowners around the country are moving toward having a space that helps them connect to nature. Along with that is always the desire to improve property value and curb appeal.

There are two common options homeowners in Clarksville are screen rooms and sun rooms. But what is the difference between them, and which is right for your situation?

Before reading through the rest of this article, consider the function you desire for your addition. Then look at the comparison for which one will best meet that function.


Screen Rooms vs Sun Rooms: Structural Differences

There are specific structural differences between a sun room and a screen room.

Screen rooms are exactly what they sound like, a room that is structured by screens. They allow for significant airflow and feeling connected with nature. Typically the screens stretch from floor to ceiling, with only structural studs in between

Sun rooms, on the other hand, are made of high-performance glass or acrylic. Additionally, there is a solid wall that extends up by at least 18 inches. This solid wall allows you to run electrical to the areas you need rather than just the adjacent wall to your home.

Either option will have a similar roof that will match your current home.


Seasonal Protection

When it comes to using your room, you want to be sure that it is going to protect you from seasonal annoyances. The first and primary annoyance are bugs, ranging from mosquitoes to flies and everything in between. Then you have dust and pollen to contend with as well.

Both types of rooms will offer you some protection from the outside bugs, though maybe not the other bugs in your life. With a screen room, you always run the risk of the screen developing a hole and allowing in the little insects.

With a sun room you are more likely to keep out the majority of dirt and pollen. Screens will allow the smaller of those particles to get into your room. That will settle on anything you keep in the room.


Climate Control

How much do you want to be able to use your room? Screen rooms are generally very temperamental based on weather. It is easy to enjoy these rooms when the weather is nice in Clarksville. However, when storms come through or the temperature gets cold, it may not be the best place to relax.

Sun rooms, on the other hand, are better insulated from the elements, just simply due to the solid nature of the walls. Further, they are typically tied into the HVAC system of your house. This makes this room useful for at least three seasons, plus impervious to storms.


Electrical Supply

We started by recommending you think about the function you have intended for your new room. This means thinking about what electrical supply you are going to need while using the room.

Will you need to vacuum the room, or plugin a television and lights? Where do you want to place these items? You will need to consider how to run the electrical supply.

Sun rooms have a solid lower wall that allows you to run electrical wiring throughout the room to wherever it is needed. Screen rooms, on the other hand, may only be able to supply electrical through the existing wall. You may be able to run some wiring in the top or bottom frames, but that may make for unusual outlet locations.


Furniture & Appliances

Finally, be sure to consider the furniture and appliances you want in this new room. By appliances, we mean things like lamps, ceiling lights, televisions, anything that will plug into an electrical supply.

The challenge to both of these is how resilient they are to both sunlight, dust, and moisture. Generally speaking, a sun room is going to protect whatever you put in this room more than a screen room. That is because the walls are solid and therefore keeps more tiny particles out. When it comes to sunlight, sun rooms generally use glass or acrylic that are UV treated. It is the UV rays that cause things to wear quickly in the sunlight. This treatment means you can use normal furniture in the room rather than something that will be more resilient against these rays.

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