A window contractor can help you choose new windows for your Clarksville home, providing both aesthetic appeal and functional protection. Most vinyl windows will last somewhere between 20 and 40 years, when properly maintained. New windows are also much more energy efficient than older windows. Why is it so critical to replace aging windows, and what are the warning signs that it’s time to do so?


When to Hire A Window Contractor

As your windows age, they lose some of their functional effectiveness. Ideally, windows help protect your home from outside elements, while also letting in much-needed sunlight. They also help provide security for your home, keeping everyone and everything inside safe.

When your windows start aging, all the functional elements start to degrade. Old windows cause your HVAC system to run longer cycles, plus risks damage to your home through water leaks. They also make it more difficult to use the windows to allow natural light and air in when you need it. Knowing how important functional windows are, here are five ways to know when it’s time to consider replacing the old windows on your home.


1. Drafty Windows

Drafty windows are one of the first things many people notice, but don’t recognize as a symptom of aging windows. This is especially true over the winters in Clarksville, when you may notice cool air as you get close to your windows.

These drafts are caused by faulty seals, vinyl that breaks down over time, and insulation that requires upgrading. Some people don’t recognize this is an indication requiring new windows, and so will try DIY options like new curtains or plastic sealing kits. These may work for a short time. However, over time these drafts continue to get worse, and leave you paying more through your utility bills.


2. Window Frame Damage

One sign that is difficult to dismiss as anything besides a window problem is damage to the window frame itself. One of the most prominent things homeowners notice is mold around the edges of their window frame. You may also notice soft spots around the frame, or swelling from water damage.

Much like how a home is nothing without a solid foundation, windows can’t do their job without solid frames. If you notice damage to the frame, it’s time to consider replacement windows from a reputable window contractor to ensure they continue functioning correctly.


3. Difficulty Operating the Windows

Another very common complaint about old windows is difficulty operating the window itself. You may notice that the window is hard to open, or won’t stay open. In other cases, you’ll notice you can’t seem to get a good seal, or have a hard time getting the window to latch successfully.

Regardless of the window issue you’re having, problems using the window in any form indicates there’s a problem that needs a solution. Consider that your windows are a primary escape route if a fire, so you don’t want to already have issues with the window opening before there’s an emergency.


4. They Let In A Lot of Noise

Whether you live in the city or in a more rural setting, you may notice that old windows let in a lot of noise. Noise can be an indication of poorly constructed windows or failing seals due to age.

Replacement windows are typically double or triple pane, with the space between the panes being sealed with argon gas. This helps provide a level of noise protection, not to mention thermal insulation, that older windows simply don’t afford.


5. Condensation Between Panes

If you see what looks like fog or frost between your panes, you know there’s a problem with your windows. Panes are sealed with argon gas, which doesn’t contain water vapor and provides better thermal insulation than standard air.

Any kind of moisture between the panes indicates the seals have failed and are allowing regular air to enter the space between panes. Whenever this happens, the windows lose their efficiency, allowing more heat to transfer between the space inside and the cold air outside.


Choosing The Right New Windows

Before signing a contract for new windows, there are a few things you’ll want to investigate. First, start by looking at who manufactures the windows, and the ratings for that manufacturer and model. Next, look at who is installing to windows, and the reviews of that company’s work. Even with high-end windows, poor installation may leave you in a worse spot than you are now.

Finally, look at the warranty that comes with the windows, and who will service the warranty. Things do happen, so you want to make sure your windows are covered if there’s some manufacturing defect.


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